Lanzco Specialties is a fine foods brokerage firm based in HoustonTexas with sales representatives and merchandisers covering Texas, Oklahoma, & Louisiana. Lanzco specializes in chocolates, confectioneries, specialty snacks and gourmet foods certain to please even the most discerning of palates.

Lanzco representatives are available to assist food service providers and retailers who are looking for the best quality of products. Sales Reps provide catalogs and product samples. In-store sample demonstrations are typically arranged throughout the year.

Lanzco reps are usually the first ones to inform our clients about new products from manufactures we represent. Working with our reps will insure that our customers have the right mix of products that suit their store.

Lanz stays abreast of the latest trends and products by attending a variety of specialty food trade shows through out the year. Products ordered through Lanzco Specialties are shipped direct from the manufacturer to the client with no extra charges.

With the growing world of internet, we recongnize that retailers are very busy during open hours and like to email their orders. At any time a retailer wants a face to face meeting, we love the opportunity to do so.